CM - Marquee Light Bulbs - Front View 1617135
PNG | 906 MB RAR
We're really happy to start our new shop with this vintage style 3D lettering toolkit :) It's lot of hours, days and weeks behind this project so hope it will help to create super realistic vintage typography artworks to all of you...
  • 2 main 3D letterings - with and without bulbs
  • 2 secondary 3D letterings - both in 2 colors: black & red
  • 6 grunge display fonts
  • 9 light bulbs renders - front and top view
  • 3 light boards - big, medium & small - also as a layered PSD file: bands and screws in layers
  • 30 vintage style boards & shapes
  • 8 stand constructions
  • a lot of small shapes & elements - circles, cables, holders & screws
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CM - Virginia Wild - Watercolor Duo Pack 1626057
CM - Virginia Wild - Watercolor Duo Pack 1626057


PNG | 475 MB RAR
Let me introduce this lovely and sweet hand painted flower pack inspired by my daughter's wild garden where the scents of Honeysuckle and Night-blooming Jasmine were my muses.
The Watercolor Floral Collection is a double one - one with the flowers and the leaves as I painted them and another with desaturated colors for a vintage look to make easier the job of every designer out there.
So, what's in the pack?
  • 33 Floral Elements - 600 dpi PNG transparent background files with sizes from 1100x1300 to 3400x4300 pixels;
  • 33 Vintage Floral Elements - 600 dpi PNG transparent background files with sizes from 1100x1300 to 3400x4300 pixels;
  • 14 Floral Arrangements, Wreaths, Frames, etc - 600 dpi PNG and PSD (for the frames) files, 3500x3500 pixels.
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CM - marine animals set 1664467
CM - marine animals set 1664467


Set includes elements marine fauna and flora,adorable seamless marine pattern,frames with marine elements, card under the sea, ready scene with marine nature.
Perfect for greeting cards, invitations, web design, stickers, magnets, posters,wallpaper, textile,dishes, scrapbooking, home decor (pillows, towels, napkins) and a whole lot more! Seamless pattern can be used for backgrounds, surface textures, wallpapers, pattern fills.
You will receive the following:
  • 38 marine elements — 1 vector files (EPS version 10, AI version CS5) + 1 raster images (JPG)(300 dpi) + 38 files (PNG)(300 dpi)
  • 6 seamless pattern — 6 vector files (EPS version 10, AI version CS5) + 6 raster images (JPG)(4167x4167 px)(300 dpi)
  • 4 frames with marine elements — 1 vector files (EPS version 10, AI version CS5) + 1 raster images (JPG)(300 dpi) + 4 files (PNG)(300 dpi)
  • ready scene with marine nature — 1 vector files (EPS version 10, AI version CS5) + 1raster images (JPG)(4833x3217 px)(300 dpi)
  • card under the sea — 1 vector files (EPS version 10, AI version CS5) + 1 files (PNG)(300 dpi)
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CM - SEA COLORS 1674617
PNG | 110 MB RAR
Watercolor collection originally hand painted and then scanned and converted into digital files. 31 files with transparent background and 12 file jpg. Separate elements high resolution 300 dpi.
Sea graphic for more projects: wedding invitations, menu, wedding party, birthday invitations, card, greeting card, mother's day, packaging design, posters, bags, wallart, logos and more.
This collection includes 43 files:
  • 25 individual flowers/leaf/clip art images in PNG format with transparent background
  • 6 frames in PNG format with transparent background (1998 to 3600 px)
  • 12 digital paper in JPG format 12" x 12", 3600 px x 3600px
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CM - Watercolor twigs set 1671869
CM - Watercolor twigs set 1671869
CM - Watercolor twigs set 1671869
PNG | 487 MB RAR
This set include:
  • 24 png twig-elements on transparent backgrond 600-720 dpi Max size - 4406x3284px min size - 4511x3018px
  • 4 png+psd wreaths on transparent backgrond 300 dpi Max size - 4000x4000 min size - 3196x3110px
  • 11 patterns 2 of them - png - on transparent background - size 4000x4000px 300dpi 8 of them - jpeg - not transparent background -aixe 3800x3800px 300dpi
  • 13 watercolor backgrounds with salt effect 800-2400dpi Max size 4581x3203px min size - 4332x3150px
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CM - 28 seamless love patterns. 1668115
CM - 28 seamless love patterns. 1668115
Hello there! I want to show you my small new product about love - 28 seamless love pattern. It's a collection of handdrawn graphical backgrounds that were drawn by hand (using ink and brush or pen) and were digitized and preserving organic texture.
Those seamless patterns are great for textile, web backgrounds, pillows, bags, packaging, wrapping paper, branding, product design and anywhere where you need an romantic ornament for a backdrop.
What you will get:
  • 24 EPS files (version 10);
  • 24 JPG files (like preview for EPS);
  • 4 JPEG files - raster patterns (5000*5000);
  • 28 PNG files with transparent background (in black version).
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CM - Watercolor heliconia collection 1632695


This collection consists of isolated watercolor helicona leaves and flowers, and also different design templates.
You will get:
  • 8 isolated CLIP ARTS (merged JPG, PNG, merged PSD)
  • 9 seamless PATTERNS (JPG)
  • 3 isolated WREATHS (JPG, merged PSD)
  • 3 seamless BORDERS (JPG, merged PSD) Several clip arts merged into one PSD file. They are isolated from each other and have higher resolution than JPG or PNG files.
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CM - Bible Mini Alphabet COLOSSAL Bundle 1673085


180 PNG | 28 MB RAR
  • 77 Colored Clip arts Image
  • 77 Black and White
  • 154 pieces clip art in total
  • Each clipart saved separately 10x10 300 dpi PNG files, transparent background.
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CM - Cute animals world map 1643478


PNG | 424 MB RAR
You can use it for many projects like cards, t-shirts, children's books, pictures and much more. Everything is possible.
Included in this kit:
  • 30 characters (EPS + PNG)
  • 5 world map of colors (EPS)
  • 46 cute elements (PNG + EPS, 5000x500px)
  • 10 beautiful patterns (EPS + JPEG, 5000x5000 px)
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CM - Jungle Spirit Clip Art Set 1663816


What you see is what you get! A pack of 17 colourful png illustrations inspired by jungle wildlife and colourful South-American tribal outfits. These creatures are the protector spirits of the rainforest and they are even ready for some mischief in order to keep jungles untouched and clean. The set contains 7 animals (felines, birds and a snake) and 10 plants (trees, flowers, leaves).
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CM - Watercolor Sepia flowers Clipart 1632764


This is a great set of high quality hand painted watercolor flowers. Perfect illustrations for all designs, wedding invitations, websites, blogs. cards, DIY designs...This set includes:
-30 elements saved in PNG High resolution 300 dpi
-elements size aprox 6"-10"
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CM - Watercolor Eucalyptus Koala Clip Art 1664695


Hand painted eucalyptus leaves, flowers, oil bottles, koala and decorative leaves for instant download.
They are great for wedding invitations, art prints, blog background, web elements, menu,logo design, food and restaurant flyers and scrapbook.
What is included in this collection:
  • 22 individual elements, 300dpi, png with transparent background, biggest leaf branch 5"x10", koala 4.5"x7",
  • 4 art prints 300dpi, png and jpg, 8"x10", 300 dpi.
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CM - Sea Life Watercolor 1672901


There are for personal use and small business project. Purchase of this collage sheet doesn't entitle the buyer to reproduce the images as there are, digitally or in print, for resale. Sale of this item does not transfer its copyright. If you want to resell the images you have to alter them enough or put various embellishments, in order to make with them your very own unique design.
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CM - Summer Fashion Girl Clipart 1636231


Watercolor Summer Clipart African American Planner Girl Fashion Illustration Sunflower Planner Stickers Graphics Fashion Girl Floral Clipart
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CM - Fruits and juices 1663628


This is a set of hand-drawn fruits, berries and fresh juices. It is ideal for clothing, kraft paper and white background. It includes illustrations of fruits, glasses, drops and patterns. Suitable for decoration of designer clothes, textiles, other design projects, packaging, branding, etc. These are easy-to-use items for your ideas.
?10 fruit with drops (EPS10 + PNG with transparent background)
?10 glasses with juice (EPS10 + PNG with transparent background)
?10 colored fruits (EPS10 + PNG with transparent background)
?10 fruit contours (EPS10 + PNG with a transparent background)
?10 seamless patterns with stripes (EPS10 + JPG 5000x5000)
?10 seamless patterns on a white background (EPS10 + JPG 5000x5000)
?10 color seamless patterns (EPS10 + JPG 5000x5000)
?20 multi-colored cards of fruit and juice (EPS10 + JPG 5000x5000)
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